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GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES ENTERPRISES It began its operations when it was registered by its founder Eddy Ventura Torres in 2017. It began its services as an advertising agency to help new businesses and talents in the mission of connecting in a better way with their audience. Little by little we diversified our services until we reached what we are now, a multi-service business agency to offer solutions in planning, strategy and logistics for the growth of companies, brands, firms and talents, through multiple business areas.

We have a highly professional team and experts in market research and competitive classifications, with many years of relevant experience positioning and making many companies evolve, grow and achieve their operational objectives.


Eddy Ventura

Eddy Ventura

CEO of Global Technologies Enterprises

Eddy Ventura, our esteemed Executive Director(CEO) at G.T.E., is responsible for meticulously supervising and strategically planning all of our operations. Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, Eddy has gained recognition in the business scene for his outstanding career as an entrepreneur and his extensive knowledge in various professional and technological areas.

His professional experience spans a variety of roles, including technology consultant, corporate identity designer, branding strategist, and expert in digital advertising and security solutions. Through his collaboration with numerous companies, Eddy has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in these fields. His ability to identify and correct errors and deficiencies in these areas is testament to his keen business sense and strategic vision.

Observing a lack of effective tools and comprehensive resources in the sector, Eddy founded G.T.E. with the mission of filling this gap. G.T.E. was born as a multi-service agency, created to empower companies with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the competitive business world. Eddy remains committed to his mission of transforming the industry through innovative solutions and effective strategies, enhancing his reputation as a visionary leader and pioneer in the field.

Neysha Diaz

Neysha Diaz

CEO of Shaney Makeup Studio

(In charge and professional of the area ofPersonal image consultants in G.T.E)

Neysha Diaz also recognized in the beauty sector asShane Makeup, is a respected professional makeup artist and beauty educator. Her impeccable artistic ability and deep knowledge of the industry have helped establish her as a benchmark in the field of makeup and skin care.

Neysha's versatility and skill have led to her collaborations with highly regarded beauty brands such as Nyx and Dermablend, among others, further strengthening her reputation as an exceptional professional in her field.

Aside from her notable career in the field of makeup, Neysha has stood out as an outstanding beauty educator, sharing her knowledge and techniques enriched by experience through workshops and consulting. Her social media presence has allowed her to reach a wider audience, providing expert makeup and skincare advice.

Neysha's vision focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of each individual, offering personalized solutions and promoting empowerment through beauty. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to continuing education in her field position her as an indispensable figure in the beauty industry.

Anthony Marrero

Anthony Marrero

CEO of Global Computers

(In charge of the Computing in G.T.E)

Anthony Marrerostands out as an information technology expert, whose multifaceted specialization and skills cover a wide range of technical competencies. His vast knowledge is not only limited to general aspects of computing and technology, but also extends to more specialized areas.

He has notable proficiency in computer software and hardware management, demonstrating a deep and practical understanding of operating systems, networks, and the physical components of computing. His technical expertise is complemented by solid experience in communications equipment, reinforcing his ability to manage large-scale technology infrastructures.

Additionally, Anthony has developed specialized competency in the implementation of security systems. Their experience ranges from installing and configuring sophisticated antivirus solutions to integrating security camera systems, ensuring robust and reliable protection.

His exceptional skill and comprehensive understanding of technology position him as a trusted figure and an invaluable resource on any IT team, making Anthony Marrero a fundamental pillar in the field of information technology and security.

Our services are rooted in Latin America and the main language of the team in charge of the company is Spanish. Even so, we have translation professionals and personal support, who will be in charge of covering all your questions and needs. In short, they have everything to grow your business and brand.

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