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4 impressive facts you should know aboutadvertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram

By: Sergio González (Global Technologies Enterprises)

January 2, 2023

Advertising on Instagram is a strategy that is being used by companies of all sizes to take advantage of the platform's extensive user base. With more than one billion active users, they implement it super effectively to advertise their products and services. This has become a very popular tactic for companies that want to increase their visibility on social media. With Instagram, they can target their desired customer base and run effective campaigns. 

But what makes Instagram such an effective platform for advertising? Here are four impressive facts about Instagram advertising that you should definitely take into consideration if you are planning an advertising strategy focused on social networks. From the ability to target specific audiences to the potential to increase website traffic and sales. This is a decisive tool for your company or brand to greatly increase its reach and grow efficiently.

1-The majority of Instagram hashtags come from companies and corporations (More than 70%)

It's no surprise that more than 70% of hashtags are created by companies. It is a fantastic way to publicize your content and build loyalty among your audience who follow you regularly. Whether you are a company or an individual trying to make a name for yourself, hashtags are key to building a successful presence on Instagram. 

You just have to make sure you use appropriate hashtags that fit your brand and your audience. With the right combination of hashtags and a little ingenuity, you can make a big difference to your followers and expand your reach even further.

2-Million companies around the world have a profile on Instagram

There is no doubt that many companies around the world use Instagram. There are billions of active users every month. This visual site is a great asset for brands that want to reach potential customers.

Advertising on Instagram is one of the best ways to spread your message and build relationships with your followers. You can use the platform to showcase products and services, share stories, and interact with your community. You can also use it to drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, and even generate leads.

With this social network, you have the opportunity to reach a wide audience. Additionally, you can use various features, such as sponsored posts or stories, to create long-lasting relationships. With the right strategy, Instagram can be a powerful tool with great results for companies of all sizes and for individuals.

3-Four out of five people follow at least one company profile on Instagram

Advertising campaigns on Instagram are very effective. The result is that more than 80% of the social network's users follow at least one business profile. You can easily monitor the success of your campaigns with built-in analytics. Whether you run ads or organic content, the platform is a great way to boost your business.

With its powerful advertising capabilities, proper strategy and creative visual effects, it is no wonder so many people follow company profiles. People are visual beings par excellence, and no social network exploits this as much as Instagram. Therein lies its success, a factor that you can also use for your goals.

4-More than a third of the posts with the most views on Instagram are from companies

In addition to what was referred to in the last sentences of the previous point. Instagram quickly became the preferred platform for businesses to advertise their products and services. More than a third of the most viewed posts on Instagram are from businesses.

This shows how powerful the platform can be in reaching millions of potential customers. All thanks to its visual appeal and interactive features. Likewise, it provides powerful tools so that companies can create creative and eye-catching ads. From sponsored posts to influencer marketing.

How to start planning my Instagram advertising strategy?

If you still don't know how to start creating and managing a community within the platform, or similarly need assistance to create advertising strategies on Instagram, you are in the right place. 

At Global Technologies Enterprises we have a department especially dedicated to this area. Best of all, we won't just plan a strategy for Instagram; You will have a complete Advertising and Branding service adapted to your specific needs, in addition to monitoring results. 

Contact us and let's start working together to achieve your growth goals. We invite you to continue exploring our blog for more content similar to this. Thank you very much for reading us.

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