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Deslumbra en Cualquier Evento

We offer you image consulting, because not only how your audience sees your business counts. Your personal image can also capitalize and help position you. Although it may not seem like it, personal aesthetics greatly help to convey more confidence to your clients. This takes on special relevance when the treatment of your audience is direct and you must show your face as the image of your business, brand or as talent.


In this area Global Technologies Enterprises also has its own experts. We give you the appropriate guidance so that you can dazzle your audience with an exquisite personal image.


Find the right service through a renowned makeup artist and expert in the area. Hand in hand with Neysha Díaz, also known as Shaney Makeup, who is also an educator in the field of makeup, you will have educational workshops available in this field, in addition to the most complete image consulting service in clothing, hairdressing, and other related aspects. to personal aesthetics hand in hand with other professionals.

Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist
What makes personal image so important?

From the moment a prospect comes into contact with you or your staff, their brain will unconsciously be making decisions paying attention to every detail; even the smallest. Absolutely everything counts!


It is proven that people who take care of their appearance are capable of transmitting greater confidence. The latter is essential when you run a business and want to build customer loyalty. This doesn't even mention if you are an artist, influencer, YouTuber, streamer, etc. Your personal image plays a key role if you must work face to face with an audience.

Formación y Talleres para Profesionales

At Global Technologies Enterprises we are more than prepared with the right professionals to provide you with personal aesthetic solutions, a factor that is not always taken into account but is decisive to please your audience more and gain their trust.


The time has come to shine with an exquisite personal aesthetic with G.T.E. We invite you to enter our contact form. Transform your personal aesthetics with the experience of an excellent advisor in each of the areas of your interest. Send us your questions and we will assist you in a cordial and comprehensive manner.

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