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G.T.E. - Computer repair and technical assistance

Global Technologies Enterprises offers you a world of possibilities with a multitude of computer repair and technical assistance services. Whether you work as a company or as an individual, our extensive experience in the world of computing and technology makes us an excellent ally for you or your business. 


Keep your equipment running and updated with a wide range of computing services.

Computer Processor
Data on a Touch Pad
-Data recovery and backup

Having a backup system against any contingency or loss of information is essential. The Internet is full of threats such as viruses and Trojans that seek to destroy important information for you. This is why having a recovery and backup system is something you absolutely must have.

-Troubleshooting support

Our technical support service offers you a wide range of solutions to various problems that may arise while managing your equipment. We give you comprehensive and personalized advice.

-Computer repair and maintenance

Currently our dependence on technology as a work tool is undeniable. Therefore, if one of your equipment is not working correctly or is completely damaged, this may cause a stoppage in your operations.


With our computer repair service you will be covered in that sense so that you can continue carrying out your daily tasks as normal.

-Hardware and software

New computer peripherals, programs and applications are constantly appearing on the market. Keep your computer up to date with the latest hardware and software!

Computer Work
Typing on a Computer
-Virus removal

Viruses and malware are some of the biggest threats in the digital world. With our virus and malicious program removal service you ensure that your computers and systems are clean of them. Take strong action to protect your files and information from unwanted programs.


Adapt your equipment to your taste and needs. New software or hardware configurations, change of operating system, installation of new programs or applications, etc. Contact us to offer you more information regarding this service.

Work with G.T.E. is to ensure that you and your company are constantly supported and advised technologically.

Likewise, we invite you to explore our other categories of services that will allow you to take your business and professional image to a new level.

Enter our contact form and send us your questions or enter our customer service chat.

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